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Här finner du en lista för valda internationella publikationer vid centrum

Jun Yu and Nils Östlund (2012)
Wavelet based noise reduction of four-dimensional data with application to MRI
Centre of Biostochastics
Research Report 2012:1

Ottmar Cronie, Jun Yu and Kenneth Nyström (2011)
Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Swedish Scots Pine Stands
Centre of Biostochastics
Research Report 2011:3

Jun Yu and Kjell Leonardsson (2011)
Distribution Estimation for Fishing Time
Centre of Biostochastics
Research Report 2011:2

Razaw Al-Sarraj, Weigang Qie and Lars Rönnegård (2011)
Evaluation of variance component estimators based on Henderson's Method
Research Report 2011:1

Magnus Ekström (2010)
Nonparametric estimation for classic and interval open-ended data in contingent valuation
Research Report 2010:7

Kristi Kuljus and Bo Ranneby (2010)
Modeling Swedish Electricity Prices for 2000-2009
Research Report 2010:6

Zhanna Andrushchenko (2010)
Estimation of a harmonic component and banded covariance matrix in a multivariate time series
Reseach Report 2010:5

Bo Ranneby and Jun Yu (2010)
Estimation of WTP with point and self-selected interval responses
Research Report 2010:4

Jun Yu and Göran Englund (2010)
Predator-prey covariance with predator aggregative responses
Research Report 2010:3

Kristi Kuljus and Jüri Lember (2010)
Asymptotic risks of Viterbi segmentation
Research Report 2010:2
E-post: jyril@ut.ee

Ottmar Cronie and Jun Yu (2010)
Maximum likelihood estimation in a discretely observed immigration-death process
Research Report 2010:1

Katarzyna Filipiak and Dietrich von Rosen (2009)
On MLEs in an extended multivariate linear growth curve model
Research Report 2009:7

Tatjana von Rosen and Dietrich von Rosen (2009)
Using a special Vandermonde matrix to generate a class of singular nonsymmetric matrices with nonnegative integer spectra
Research Report 2009:6

Muni S. Srivastava, Tõnu Kollo, and Dietrich von Rosen (2009)
Some tests for the covariance matrix with fewer observations than the dimension under non-normality
Research Report 2009:5

Jemila S. Hamid, Joseph Beyene, and Dietrich von Rosen (2009)
A novel trace test for the mean parameters in a multivariate growth curve model
Research Report 2009:4

Saeid Amiri, Dietrich von Rosen, and Silvelyn Zwanzig (2009)
On a generalization of the Jarque-Bera test using the bootstrap method
Research Report 2009:3

Saeid Amiri, Dietrich von Rosen, and Silvelyn Zwanzig (2009)
A Comparison of Bootstrap Methods for Variance Estimation
Research Report 2009:2

Martin Ohlson and Dietrich von Rosen (2009)
Explicit Estimators of Parameters in the Growth Curve Model with Linearly Structured Covariance Matrices
Research Report 2009:1

Tõnu Kollo, Tatjana von Rosen, and Dietrich von Rosen (2008)
Estimation in high-dimensional analysis and multivariate linear models
Research Report 2008:12

Yang Xing (2008)
Convergence rates of posterior distributions for observations without the iid structure
Research Report 2008:11

Johannes Forkman and Lars Söderström (2008)
Calibration in immunoassay with proportional errors
Research Report 2008:10

Yang Xing and Bo Ranneby (2008)
On Bayesian consistency
Research Report 2008:9

Yang Xing (2008)
On adaptive Bayesian inference
Research Report 2008:8

Yang Xing (2008)
Convergence rates of nonparametric posterior distributions
Research Report 2008:7

Yang Xing and Bo Ranneby (2008)
Sufficient conditions for Bayesian consistency
Research Report 2008:6

H. Hassani, S. Amiri, D. von Rosen, M. Zokaei, and M. Ghodsi (2008)
The efficiency of noise reduction for curve fitting in growth curve models
Research Report 2008:5

Yongge Tian and Dietrich von Rosen (2008)
General solutions to some matrix inequalities in Löwner partial ordering
Research Report 2008:4

Martin Ohlson, Zhanna Andrushchenko, and Dietrich von Rosen (2008)
Explicit estimators of the parameters in a multivariate normal distribution when the covariance matrix is banded of order m
Research Report 2008:3

Zhanna Andrushchenko, Martin Ohlson, and Dietrich von Rosen (2008)
Estimation of banded covariance matrices in a multivariate normal distribution
Research Report 2008:2

Muni S. Srivastava, Tatjana Nahtman, and Dietrich von Rosen (2008)
Estimation in General Multivariate Linear Models with Kronecker Product Covariance Structure
Research Report 2008:1

Tatjana Nahtman and Dietrich von Rosen (2007)
On a Class of Singular Nonsymmetric Matrices with Nonnegative Integer Spectra
Research Report 2007:10

Lars Rönnegård, Razaw Al-Sarraj and Dietrich von Rosen (2007)
Non-iterative variance component estimation in QTL analysis
Research Report 2007:9

Razaw Al-Sarraj and Dietrich von Rosen (2007)
Improving Henderson's method 3 approach when estimating variance components in a two-way mixed linear model
Research Report 2007:8

M.S. Srivastava, T. Nahtman, and D. von Rosen (2007)
Models with a Kronecker Product Covariance Structure: Estimation and Testing
Research Report 2007:7

Yingfu Xie, Jun Yu and Bo Ranneby (2007)
A general autoregressive model with Markov switching: estimation and consistency
Research Report 2007:6

Johannes Forkman (2007)
Design of Nonlinear Univariate Calibration with Application to Immunoassay
Research Report 2007:5

Johannes Forkman (2007)
Statistical Inference for Coefficients of Variation Shared by Several Populations
Research Report 2007:4

S. Kropf, J. Läuter, D. Kose, and D. von Rosen (2007)
Comparison of exact parametric tests for high-dimensional data
Research Report 2007:3

Yingfu Xie, Jun Yu and Bo Ranneby (2007)
Forecasting Using Locally Stationary Wavelet Processes
Research Report 2007:2

T. Mathew, T. Nahtman, D. von Rosen, and B. K. Sinha (2007)
Nonnegative estimation of variance components in heteroscedastic one-way random effects ANOVA models
Research Report 2007:1

Johannes Forkman (2006)
Statistical Inference for the Coefficient of Variation in Normally Distributed Data
Research Report 2006:2

Kristi Kuljus and Dietrich von Rosen (2006)
Rank Covariance Matrix For A Partially Known Covariance Matrix
Research Report 2006:1

Tõnu Kollo, Anu Roos and Dietrich von Rosen (2005)
Approximation of the Distribution of the Location Parameter in the Growth Curve Model
Research Report 2005:8

Magnus Ekström (2005)
Subsampling Variance Estimation for Statistics Computed from Nonstationary Spatial Lattice Data
Research Report 2005:7

Tatjana Nahtman and Dietrich von Rosen (2005)
Shift Permutation Invariance in Linear Random Factor Models
Research Report 2005:6

Jemila Seid Hamid and Dietrich von Rosen (2005)
An Approximate Critical Point for a Test in the Growth Curve Model: A Conditional Approach
Research Report 2005:5

Jemila Seid Hamid and Dietrich von Rosen (2005)
Hypothesis Testing Via Residuals in Two GMANOVA Models
Research Report 2005:4

Yingfu Xie (2005)
Consistency of Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators for the Regime-Switching GARCH Model
Research Report 2005:3

Yingfu Xie and Jun Yu (2005)
Consistency of Maximum Likelihood Estimators for the Reduced Regime-Switching GARCH Model
Reseach Report 2005:2

Yuri K. Belyaev (2005)
Application of Clustered Resampling Methods in Assessing Accuracy of Cross-Validated Estimators of Cross-Classification Probabilities of Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers
Research Report 2005:1

Jianxin Pan and Dietrich von Rosen (2004)
Modelling Mean-Covariance Structures in the Growth Curve Models
Research Report 2004:4

Nils Åsenblad and Dietrich von Rosen (2004)
Analysis of Cross-Over Designs via Growth Curve Models
Research Report 2004:3

Tatyana Nahtman, Dietrich von Rosen, and Bimal K. Sinha (2004)
Aspects of estimating inter subject variability with a constant intra coefficient of variation in repeated measurements
Research Report 2004:2

Tatjana Pavlenko, Mikael Hall, and Dietrich von Rosen (2004)
Towards the Optimal Feature Selection in High-Dimensional Bayesian Network Classifiers
Research Report 2004:1

Bo Ranneby and Jun Yu (2003)
Classification of agricultural crops and quality assessment using multispectral and multitemporal images.
Research Report 2003:7

Tatjana Pavlenko and Dietrich von Rosen (2003)
On the Optimal Weighting of High-Dimensional Bayesian Networks
Research Report 2003:6

Yingfu Xie and Jun Yu (2003)
Asymptotics for quasi-maximum likelihood estimators of GARCH(1,2) model under dependent innovations
Research Report 2003:5

K. T. Huber, V. Moulton, C. Semple, and M. Steel (2003)
Recovering a Phylogenetic Tree Using Pairwise Closure Operations
Research Report 2003:4

Alex Teterukovskiy and Bo Ranneby (2003)
Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Forest Growth Models with Measurement Errors.
Research Report 2003:3

Fredrik Norström (2003)
Comparative Performance of Classification and Stratification Methods in Remote Sensing and Forest Applications. Simulation Studies.
Research Report 2003:2, licentiatavhandling

Yuri K. Belyaev (2003)
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Consistency of Resampling.
Research Report 2003:1

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